Original Homemade Hot Sauce

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Dave & Toni

Our Story

Dave & Toni

A desire turns into a hobby which turns into a passion which turns into a business. The Original Homemade Hot Sauce has grown at a steady pace each year. We love what we do and we love the flavor of our thick and tasty gourmet hot sauce. Made with all natural ingredients, no added sugars, preservatives or artificial flavoring, we believe our hot sauce is among the finest gourmet products you will taste and enjoy.

The Real Deal

We actually use our own product on a regular basis. We know it tastes great on burgers, ribs, chicken, in sauces, chile's, pasta and used for a variety of dips because we cook with it as well as use it for all the dishes listed plus many more. Also, we are constantly looking for more food entrees, appetizers, drinks and many other kinds of delicious ways to use this wonderful hot sauce.

Some Like It Hot

We currently offer two great hot sauces. One is our mild hot sauce and the other is the "HOT" hot sauce. Both are full of flavor and have a bite. We are also developing several new products which we hope to bring to market in the near future. Currently we are in several retail stores in the greater Canton, Ohio area. Also in the greater Canton, Ohio area several bar & grilles and restaurants serve or use our products in their entree's.


Yes, we'd love to hear from you. Please take a few moments to tell us how you have heard of us or where you have found our hot sauces. Do you have a special recipe that includes our hot sauce? We want to hear all about it. You can email us with your recipe. Please be sure to included your name and a phone number whereby you can be reached.

Thank You

Dave & Toni