Original Homemade Hot Sauce

Fan Fare

Canton, Ohio

Hello I recently was given a bottle of your hot sauce with Habanero peppers. Finally some one made a salsa or sauce with Habaneros that is outstanding! I live in Canton and have a drive in in North Canton I am all about the Habanero! Best tasting pepper by far. Your sauce is amazing , I found myself eating it by the spoonful. Where can I buy this? Also I make a Habanero mayo sauce for my customers who like some spice and the love it. Well I don't mean to bore you. Thank you for your time and good luck on your sales!

Canton, Ohio

I'm hoping you can help me. I've got some of your original hot sauce, but I can't remember which store I purchased it from and am close to the end of my bottle. This is a problem because I would drink the stuff with a straw if I wasn't so close to running out.

Where can I purchase more in the North Canton Ohio area? Do you have other varieties? I'd be happy to hear the best way to obtain more.

Thanks in advance. Have a great rest of your weekend!