Original Homemade Hot Sauce

Original Homemade Hot Sauce
Original Homemade Hot Sauce
Original Homemade Hot Sauce
Original Homemade Hot Sauce
Original Homemade Hot Sauce
Original Homemade Hot Sauce

The Original Homemade Hot Sauce

Many years ago, an "Old World Sicilian" hot sauce recipe was created. Family and friends along with word of mouth increased the demand to the point of hard pressed supply. There just wasn't enough to go around. This popular hot sauce was used on a variety of foods such as wings, chops, steaks, ribs, omelets, potatoes, chips, vegetables, a sandwich spread, crackers, and even as a basting sauce plus many more uses.

The Features of Our Gourmet Original Homemade Hot Sauce

  • Made from fresh, all natural ingredients
  • Nutritionally desirable and labeled accordingly
  • Gluten free
  • Fat Free
  • Low in Sodium
  • Packaged in restaurant table friendly sized glass bottles
  • Continued growing sales will produce increased profitability for you

Nutritional Facts

  • Tomatoes: Reduces the risk of prostate cancer in men and reduces the risk of breast and cervical cancer in women. Also good for your vision. Cooked tomatoes ward off skin damage from the sun's UV rays.
  • Carrots: Rich in anti-oxidants, increases vision, reproduction, maintenance of skin integrity, growth and development.
  • Onions: Fat burning food, lowers cholesterol, prevents cancer growth, increases bone density to help avoid injury, good for inflammations.
  • Garlic: promotes well being of heart and immune systems, maintains blood circulation, lowers cholesterol and contains sulfur a compound called allicin which acts as an antibiotic to protect against germs.
  • Spinach: Anti-cancer constituents, lowers cholesterol, protects from cardiovascular diseases and colon and prostrate cancer.
  • Habanero Peppers: Good for circulation and metabolism.

Health Benefits of Hot Sauces

If you love piling on the hot sauce, chances are you're already aware of the flavorful wonders of hot sauce. But hot sauce offers more than a little kick to your senses, it can actually be a tasty resource for successful weight loss. Here are four reasons to get spicy.

  1. It is very low in calories: While certain condiments offer plentiful flavor, hot sauce does the same at a fraction of the calories. It varies from brand to brand, but most hot sauces only weigh in at approximately six calories per tablespoon.
  2. It kicks up your metabolism: Most hot sauces offer a boost of vitamin C and capsaicin, a compound found in hot peppers that is responsible for the serious heat. But even better than sheer flavor factor, vitamin C and capsaicin have both been shown to assist in revving up your metabolism.
  3. It helps keep you satisfied: A little goes a long way with hot sauce! For your sodium levels sake, you definitely shouldn't douse all your food in it, but by keeping your food spicier, you'll need to chow down a little more slowly. Hot sauce is a great way to pace yourself if you tend to keep things harried when you're eating.
  4. It can better your mood: While other factors are absolutely at play here, capsaicin brings on endorphins. Not only do these endorphins lessen the spicy blow of the next bite, we know that they are integral to sustain a good mood.
  5. Hot Topic

    Given the growing demand, Dave & Toni decided to produce their hot sauce with more frequency. Soon more and more family and friends were asking for this delicious hot sauce. Soon there after, local businesses sampled the product and desired to carry the hot sauce in their stores. As the word spread about how tasty this hot sauce is, Toni & Dave had to make a big decision. They now had to produce their hot sauce in larger quantities and as a commercial venture.

    Today you can find the Original Home Made Hot Sauce in many locations throughout the greater Canton, Ohio area. Popular establishments such as Fisher Foods, Milk & Honey, Arcadia Grille, Riffil's Grille, Buds Corner and more soon to be added.

Tasty & Flavorful Scale

Our HOT Sauce

Our Mild Hot Sauce

Regular Ketchup

Average Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce Recipe

  • 8 oz Cream Cheese
  • 8 oz Sour Cream
  • 5 tsp Oregano
  • 1/2 cup Original Homemade Hot Sauce

Fan Fare

Hi Toni, I just wanted to let you know your hot sauce was a big hit at our company cook out. Many of the people there were asking where they could buy the hot sauce that we used. I am going to take orders next week and will contact you on placing an order. Thanks for turning us on to such a tasty hot sauce.

- Joe/ Akron, Ohio

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